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Q: How do I get you my pictures/messages for a personalized item?

A: you can email me your personalizations to with the subject line
“Personalized Order.” If you are emailing me from a DIFFERENT email address than you typed in during
checkout, please also include that email address in your email so I can make sure I get your order

Q: Will I get to see a mock-up before you engrave my item?

A: Of course! I always send my customers digital mockups of their orders prior to engraving. If you
would like to see anything changed in the mockup, I will incorporate your feedback into an updated
mockup. I don’t engrave anything until I get final approval from my customer.

Q: How long does it take to get my item?

A: It depends on how large your item is. If you ordered an ornament, I typically ship them out about a
week after final design approval. If you ordered a painted engraving, I typically ship them out about 2
weeks after final design approval.

Q: Can I return items?

A: You are welcome to return non-personalized items. I do not accept returns on personalized items. I
consider “personalized” items anything I engrave a personal message/name/date on – front or back.

Q: Do you ship internationally?


A: I do! I use USPS international delivery so please expect longer shipment times than stated for
domestic shipping.

Q: Do you offer any bulk discounts?


A: I do! If you are ordering 10+ of the same item from me I offer a 10% bulk discount on your whole
order. If you are ordering 10+ ornaments or coasters, they do NOT all have to be the same picture. If you
are shopping for corporate event or wedding favors and wish 50+ of the SAME item, please message me
for special large event discounts.

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